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Apple Bloom by LukeTheGeek Apple Bloom :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 26 6 Silly Pone by LukeTheGeek Silly Pone :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 13 0 Rainbow Dash - Bright by LukeTheGeek Rainbow Dash - Bright :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 23 0 Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3 Wallpaper by LukeTheGeek Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3 Wallpaper :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 12 0 Ninja Archer by LukeTheGeek Ninja Archer :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0
An Encounter With Lust
I walk under a dimly lit canopy. Trees surround me. The fallen leaves cover the ground on my path. I can't see ahead very well. Oh, I know where I'm going, I think, but the mist blocks my view just a few yards from my face. Again I pull out the letter I received in the last town I visited. It's an encouraging note from a friend. His words stoke my soul, giving me the passion to go on. As I put away the letter I pick up speed, dodging the branches that block my stride ever so often. I begin to run. My heart beats faster and hits against my chest repeatedly with an empowering force. My momentum carries me far. Suddenly I smack into something and my body hits the ground with a hard thud.
My eyes open to a parting in the trees, allowing me to see the cloudy midday sky. Groaning from the fall, I sit up and feel the muscles in my upper right arm. They're sore from the blow. I must have hit the remains of the large dead tree in front of me. Yes, that was it. Nothing else was around to have st
:iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 1 2
Gravity Falls Cosplay - Dipper, Mabel, Wendy by LukeTheGeek Gravity Falls Cosplay - Dipper, Mabel, Wendy :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 9 2 Gravity Falls Dipper Cosplay - 1 by LukeTheGeek Gravity Falls Dipper Cosplay - 1 :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 5 0 Monsters by LukeTheGeek Monsters :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 6 0 Tears Fall by LukeTheGeek Tears Fall :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0 Shadow Masters by LukeTheGeek Shadow Masters :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0 He Arose by LukeTheGeek He Arose :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 1 3 Gold or God by LukeTheGeek Gold or God :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 1 3 Ordinary World by LukeTheGeek Ordinary World :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0 Lecrae by LukeTheGeek Lecrae :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0 Forever I Will Live For You by LukeTheGeek Forever I Will Live For You :iconlukethegeek:LukeTheGeek 0 0


UT: Precor by Tybay UT: Precor :icontybay:Tybay 216 4 RaM: Amiability by Tybay RaM: Amiability :icontybay:Tybay 211 7 UT: Contrition by Tybay UT: Contrition :icontybay:Tybay 189 3 UT: Avisamentum by Tybay UT: Avisamentum :icontybay:Tybay 179 10 UT: Vitiferous by Tybay UT: Vitiferous :icontybay:Tybay 193 6 UT: Agathodaimon by Tybay UT: Agathodaimon :icontybay:Tybay 203 10 UT: Clavicula by Tybay UT: Clavicula :icontybay:Tybay 221 8 Breakfast Time Monster Falls AU Comic by 8-bitpunch Breakfast Time Monster Falls AU Comic :icon8-bitpunch:8-bitpunch 1,264 50 Wild by ECMonkey Wild :iconecmonkey:ECMonkey 71 6 UT: Reconnoiterer by Tybay UT: Reconnoiterer :icontybay:Tybay 164 5 UT: Sentinel by Tybay UT: Sentinel :icontybay:Tybay 182 6 UT: Eupathy by Tybay UT: Eupathy :icontybay:Tybay 206 16 Fluttershy's Siege Tank by Foxi-5 Fluttershy's Siege Tank :iconfoxi-5:Foxi-5 1,102 281 Cluny the Scourge by Amee-J Cluny the Scourge :iconamee-j:Amee-J 85 73 The tapestry by chichapie The tapestry :iconchichapie:chichapie 4,388 556 Slagar the Cruel Portrait by YasminFoster Slagar the Cruel Portrait :iconyasminfoster:YasminFoster 222 70



Apple Bloom
I love Apple Bloom's character so much. She's pretty much "best pony" for me. Naturally, I had to draw her at some point, and after holding on to this for a while, I decided I should just finish it. Simple, classic Apple Bloom. Not a whole lot going on here, just more practice drawing ponies. Enjoy!
Silly Pone
Just a silly pool pony. Trying to get better at drawing ponies in general. This is my second pony project, this time in Krita instead of Photoshop. Tried out hard shadows here as well. Let me know what you think!

Please ask before using my work. I might send you the original file if you want.
Rainbow Dash - Bright
This is my first attempt with a drawing tablet! I'm fairly new to drawing ponies, so I used this tutorial here:…

Thanks, steffy-beff! I love how it turned out.

Feel free to use for personal use. If you use it for anything else please credit me. Thanks!

Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions in the comments below!


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Luke Mason
United States
I am a Communications major with an interest in graphic design.

I have a small business in designing logos, t-shirts, flyers, or any other form of graphic design. If you're interested, hit me up at

I've been messing around with Photoshop and Illustrator for years and love making stuff that makes people think about the world differently.


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